Sara del Pino’s short film Speechless really is one of a kind. It’s about that moment when you have no clue what do to: stay paralized by the tension of that precise moment, or let yourself go into the passion, regardless of what may follow.


You know, that moment when somebody should take the first step, and give the first kiss, the first touch… It’s even more paralizing when you’re a young gay girl trying to figure out what side of the closet you’re in. It’s like you’re a virgin of everything, even though you’ve been with other people before. At least, I imagine, but I know that the moment before my first kiss, my head almost exploded.

This short film shows two girls having a sleepover, and it’s cut with interviews of lesbians talking about their own experience: when they first knew, who made them realize, what they did about it…

In 2012, Speechless was presented at the 16th LatinoAmerican Congress of Sexology and Sexual Education in Medellín, Colombia. I think it’s great to get an insight on how strong people feel when the moment that’s going to change their life, comes. Figuring out what or who we like as a sexual being, often at a very young age, and our first experiences, can be really overwhelming. This work is a great depiction of what people like you an me, and especially teenagers, go through in this situation. And it’s hot.

So, what did YOU do when your moment came, did you go for it? Or wait until the other one made the first step?