It’s Sunday again and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had an intense week. Mostly good, but intense, so I thought I would reward myself, and you, with a little home-made treat by Lilyanne and Max from, called Sex, Squirt and Stripes.

Sundays are all about Sex, Squirt and Stripes

Spring is coming. We can feel the warmth on our skin and we’re all impatient to take these layers of clothes off and lay down on the grass. Enjoying the little things is crucial to be happy, in my opinion, and opening your eyes to discover stripes of sunshines on the wall or on your bed, is pure pleasure. And it’s even better when a hot couple like Lily and Max take advantage of it and offer us a real spectacle of love and passion.

This time, it’s all about Max surprising his sexy girlfriend and giving her one hell of an orgasm. It’s tender and hot at the same time, don’t miss it…

I didn’t expect you to make me cum like that! It started when you took me by surprise, then licked me and started to penetrate me… It seems that you had planned all along to make me come, but not yourself… You made me squirt all over the little cottage kitchen floor. Maybe you kept that cum of yours for later?

Check out the preview below, and watch the whole scene right here!