Wow, this week has been filled with lots of great goodie videos! Today, let’s watch a short film Ortie directed for the brand Velvet Nest. It’s hot and and definitely rock’n’roll…

Jah + Dwam x Velvet Nest

Let me clarify. Jah and Dwan are the models in the video. Velvet Nest is a brand of erotic products, specialized in harnesses. They sell strap-ons and these kinds of things, made of handmade fabric and all. Pretty cool!

velvet nest strap on

Photo by Audrey Marilyn Jacobs Photography

Ortie and Rémi Chapeaublanc, whom you may remember from the beautiful film Skúffuskáld, directed this video and I have to say that the result is very cool. The music and the style of the film really transpire passion and excitement. It’s almost like we can feel them touching and devouring each other, and it’s really arousing.

It’s funny that I’ve found this film today, because I’m actually on a quest to discover the world of strap-ons, and this film made me even more excited at the idea of buying my first. It really adds something, everything becomes sexier, spicier, more exciting, after revealing the strap-on.

Oh, and if you were wondering, the music  is Conscience Killer by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.


JAH+DWAM x VELVETNEST from Ortie on Vimeo.