It’s Sunday again my dear pervs, and this week sex news are all about sex with an audience! Films, documentary, music, magazines… It’s all in front of the camera!

1. A Porno by Wes Anderson

This is a really funny video of what a porn film would be like Wes Anderson style. The characters, the narrative, the symmetry… everything looks like an Anderson film and it’s applied to the typical porn scenario that we know too well.

Check out Nacho Punch’s channel for more funny videos.

2. Riding the Sybian in public

The guys from Simple Pickup have organized this campaign, which aims at fighting against excision, or female circumcision. They asked a bunch of girls on the street if they wanted to ride the Sybian. The result is a pretty funny afternoon with girls who discover the power of the machine and remember how much they love their clitoris…

3. Austrian drag queen wins Eurovision 2014

To be really honest, I had no idea it was Eurovision time again until my friend from Finland told me about it. I usually try to stay away from anything having to do with the contest, but this year, I’m happy to report that it’s Conchita, a drag queen representing Austria, who won, making this the first victory in 49 years for the country. You may have seen the news about the “bearded lady”, but it’s not about the beard or the dress or the hair, it’s about talent and bravery!

4. Ashley  Graham on the cover of Elle Québec

I try to stay away from mainstream fashion / lifestyle magazines, but it’s a really nice surprise to see “plus-size” model Ashley Graham on the cover of Elle Québec. I suddenly feel like there’s hope for humanity! It’s refreshing to see a body that is not starved or photoshopped to death.

ashley graham elle québec

[Via Bustle]