Black and white pain in Revo 1 by Jessica Rispal

Hey everybody, the last weeks have been quite busy. I had the great pleasure of attending the sex-positive porn festival La Fête Du Slip in Lausanne, Switzerland, for the second time and, believe me, it never disappoints. My film IAMCAKE was screened there among many other works, performances, round tables… I can’t tell you about all the awesome porn I discovered there in one post, so I will start with one film that struck me: Revo 1, by Jessica Rispal.

Revo 1 – Pain and pleasure in black and white

This b/w film is a little sex and torture afternoon between two French guys. Amaury Grisel, actually jerks off to the memory of that moment, when he tied up Kay Garnellen, and inflicted some sweet pain on him. I was lucky to meet both Amaury and Kay at the festival. Amaury explained that they only had the studio for a few hours, so they had to start right away when Kay arrived – late – so Kay basically stepped in and dived into it right away, which is quite cool, also because Amaury and him have known each other for a while. Jessica totally grasped the connection between the two men and I was aroused by both the bondage and the sex. It’s also not so common to watch two men – cis or trans – in a bondage film.

A few people didn’t really like the music playing the whole time, but I personally loved it. It’s intense, it fits with the image and I feel that it places us right there with the performers. Apparently, Jessica always puts a music background on her videos and since the films are not super long, it works. Check out more of her work on her vimeo page and her official website.

Also, this is the first part of a four-film-project so stay put!

revo 1

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