Again we are enjoying the work of Bell Soto, who already delighted us with his video of Tom Bull, in this short titled Private Affair. Starring Kim Willecke (nude model), Laura Forman, Zack Zublena, this piece work lets us admire the naked male body form in an intense and artistic way. Enjoy ladies!

Private Affair from Bell Soto on Vimeo.

A private affair, not so private?

I don’t really know what the two other characters actually do in this film but I’m pretty sure they’re here for the show: Kim Willecke like a Greek statue shows us the idealistic view of the male body in all its beauty and nakedness, not as a beauty standard but as a symbol of the eroticism of a man’s body.

Many people think women are more erotic, more pleasant to look at. That’s one point of view.

Is it yours?