I’ve been talking a lot about #masturbationmonth lately (as you know May is THE month!) and asking my friends about how they masturbate. And I learned that there are A LOT of different ways to masturbate and that everybody likes to do it his/her own way. So today I’ve selected a series of videos and masturbation scenes to show five of the many different ways to jerk off.

#1 – Shower masturbation

Starting with Melissa Johnston from TV show Barely Legal having multiple self loving sessions not only in the shower but also in the tub and in front of the bathroom mirror.

The shower seems to be a very good place to masturbate. It’s a very private context, the water is hot, you’re completely naked and the water streams have proven a very efficient way to reach climax!

Melissa Johnston Barely legal masturbating brought to you by PornHub

#2 – Phone sex masturbation

I love this scene from the movie EWP (Easier With Practice). Davy is on a road trip with his brother in an effort to promote his unpublished novel. However it quickly gets very lonely and one night in a motel he gets a random phone call from a stranger Nicole. They have phone sex but their new and unusual relationship will take them mure further…

Phone sex is in my experience pretty exciting and VERY sexy. Describing what you would do to the other person allows you to enter a whole new level of self-confidence and “naughtyness”.

EWP Phone Sex Scene por dm_503f8112201bf

#3 – All the time in the world

Amber Benson (who I personally remember from Buffy as Willow’s girlfriend) has – or is trying to – have a nice masturbation time with some porn and a vibrator in the movie Strictly Sexual where two girls, tired of dating, decide to keep two men in their pool house for sexual purposes only.

Masturbation can be like a ritual and doing things right can make you enjoy it even more. Take the time to get ready, find some good porn, light some candles, maybe good music, get yourself comfortable…

#4 – Couple masturbation

This masturbation scene featuring Curtis and Aisha from Misfits is just awesome. They can’t touch because Aisha has this power that makes the contact with her skin lethal. The scene in itself is not very explicit but it doesn’t need to, the way they look at each other in the eyes is crazy sexy.

Masturbation can be pretty good foreplay. Watching someone else jerk off is a great turn on especially when you know they’re thinking about you…

Misfits – Curtis and Aisha Masturbating por dalekdoctor2011

#5 – Quick fix

I love Juliette Binoche and she’s pretty impressive in this masturbation scene from the movie Elles. I guess sometimes masturbation allows you to release all the stress from a long day. It can be angry, intense, fast. But in my opinion it does help sometimes to take the edge off and make you get some perspective. In this scene Juliette Binoche is not sexy, and that’s not the point. She’s a real woman masturbating for herself, for whatever reason. I love it!