Sometimes, a little extra effort can make something much, much greater. The Joybear crew understood that pretty well and in each of their films, they add a context, a story, a voice. Check out this scene from one of their latest films, The Matchmaker.

The Matchmaker – Getting back to basics

This is the story of Casey Collins, the matchmaker. She makes her clients happy by finding the perfect candidate for, well, anything they want. In this case, she had to find the perfect nude model for her client, someone not only with a great body but with a good aura too.

It seems Marc Rose was the best candidate and let’s say Adreena Winters didn’t hold the brush for too long. Or she did! (See what I did there?).

Anyway, it’s more elaborate than your typical porn scene, it focuses on authenticity, with images we can relate to. The story, the hot actors and the cool set makes the experience of watching porn much more pleasurable, don’t you think?

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portrait of a couple matchmaker joybear