No Hurry, With Misty And Declan

This year was not an easy one. So, relax, chill out, get your favorite toy out of the drawer, and enjoy a great time with Misty and Declan… This X-Art couple enjoys a very lazy, pleasurable afternoon of sex!

Misty and Declan know how to make it last

This gorgeous couple are beautifully filmed by the X-Art crew, and show us how great it is to take our time, and enjoy each other. There is no hurry, nowhere to go, nothing to do or distract ourselves with. I’m on holiday right now and I’m slowly getting used again to this feeling we don’t get very often. I only have time to enjoy myself, no work, no worries… These are really the best moments. It’s easy to get distracted or stressed when your alarm clock is staring at you, or when you hear your phone beeping, or when you hear the new email notification. Disconnecting is essential to enjoy a true passionate moment with someone.

You can watch the preview below and the whole thing on X-Art!

misty and declan no hurry x-art

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