Weird. That’s how most people would define Lars Von Trier’s work. I’m not a big fan of too abstract movies, but since I watched Melancholia, I became a fan. Let’s watch the brand new preview of Nymphomaniac!

Nymphomaniac – Sex, Sex, Sex!

Sex is very often pictured in Lars Von Trier’s movies, but usually, it’s not in a very nice “Hollywood” setting. If you’ve seen Antichrist (if you haven’t, you’re lucky, don’t watch it), you know that the sex can even be absolutely disturbing. I have a feeling this new film will be just that: disturbing. Shia LaBoeuf wears a psychopath / perverse face, although it’s nice to see his little booty in the preview. The sex looks ok, but you can already feel this weird atmosphere, like there’s something wrong, like the insides of perverted minds are invisibly displayed in these images.

This is a preview from Chapter 5: The Little Organ School. On the official website, the first words are “Forget about love”. That’s fun…

This is not the first preview, you can watch a clip from The Compleat Angler, where two girls have sex with strangers to win a bag of sweets. In the preview of “Jérôme”, we get that our dear Shia is definitely scary. “Love is just lust with jealousy added”. Not very optimistic, but at least it looks interesting and definitely disturbing.

I can’t wait to watch it, since I’m a big fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg, who was also the star of Antichrist (I’m still trying to forget that movie), with Willem Dafoe who, apparently, will also be in this new film. We’ve actually already seen posters of the film, that give us a rough idea of what it’s all about…

Coming Soon.

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