Let’s talk photography. I had the pleasure of discovering Mikel Marton, a very talended Montreal-based photographer, who shares with us a great vision of male nudity.


Mikel Marton and Male Eroticism

His work is original, beautiful, and honest. I mean, many people shoot nudity for the sake of being an artist, but I feel that Marton’s photos are more than that. It’s very sensitive, subtle and mind-blowing at the same time.


I love how men are the object of beauty, and how male beauty is not about testosterone, but about being a human being, subject to the same feelings as women. Marton mixes male eroticism and the style of fashion photography, and creates a very personal, dreamy style, between art and pornography.


“Through my eyes (and body) I want to express the male body in a challenging, yet sensitive way, as well as give the viewer a unique opportunity to step inside a stylized version of my own sexual fantasies.”

Check out his art here.