This is something that I’ve been seeing in my feed, but since it always says that it’s part of an ongoing project, I thought I would wait for it to be finished. Right now, it looks like it’s never going to happen, so I’ve decided to show you a few of these interesting films by Gracie Hagen.

29. from Gracie Hagen on Vimeo.

Gracie Hagen’s bodies

Hagen has posted 29 videos of this project so far. There is absolutely no information about it. She filmed the naked bodies of her “subjects” and tried, in my opinion, to capture the authenticity, uniqueness of our bodies, and how they’re only free when they make one with our personality.

She shot many women, but there are also a few videos of men, like this one:

1. from Gracie Hagen on Vimeo.

As you can see, it’s not about filming models, but by closely looking at our bodies, our imperfect, beautiful bodies.  I think it’s great to film nudity in this way, because many people are self-conscious about their bodies and sexes. However, with this kind of project, we realize that we are who we are, and there is no uniforming us.

Gracie Hagen is an artist based in Chicago. Here’s what she says about herself:

It is the honesty that draws her to photography & videography. The interesting complexity in people is what compels her to use the human form as the predominant subject. In her work she tries to capture questions about who we are & how we see ourselves. Her images serve to expose the open, vulnerable, & sometimes uncomfortable realities of our hidden nature.