I’ve just discovered this Russian commercial on Vimeo. It’s for the brand Marbers: “Effective complex of sexual excitement”. I didn’t really know what that meant, until I found the official site and google translated part of the text. At first, I thought it was condoms, by the look of the box and design. However, it turns out to be pills!

Marbers sexual excitement

I noticed this ad because my vimeo feed is sadly full of naked girls. Only naked girls. So when I spot a video with a hot couple getting naughty, it really catches my attention. Of course this clip isn’t explicit, since it’s a real commercial, and it’s Russian, but it is refreshing to see such a nice video showing such pleasure. The light is beautiful and the two models are very sexy.

The Michael Jackson Beat It remix kind of surprised me a little bit but I guess it fits ok.

So. Pills. On the website it says that there are products for both men and women, and that they aim at boosting your sexual pleasure. The women’s kind has “bio-active additives” that supposedly increases pleasure.

Meanwhile in Russia

It’s nice that the producers didn’t use a metaphor for sex and actually depicted two people on the verge of having sex. I’m saying this because sometimes Russian ads (among others) can be clumsy, like these two condom campaigns.

Overall, the ad is a bit “too nice”, but what can we expect? It’s still a nice effort and personally, I wouldn’t mind trying the Marbers, especially with the hot actor from the commercial…