Mad(e) in Bcn is a short film by Katherine Revenga. I heard about her a few years ago when I worked over at Lust Films. The short is from a woman’s point of view, and sets in one of the best cities of the world: Barcelona.

Mad(e) in Bcn, a sexy reflection of a cosmopolitan city

What I think Katherina tried to convey in this film, is the “summery”, almost bohemian attitude of the people in this Spanish city. I’ve been living in Barcelona for more than four years now, and the sensual and free atmosphere is palpable. Especially in summer, when it gets hot and people from everywhere gather in this huge cosmopolitan place. Friends, parties, alcohol, tiny apartments with no elevators, a few cockroaches here and there and, above all, lots of fun.

As you can see in the film, several adulterous couples have sex, like some kind of 6th degree network, without knowing how they’re all, in some way, connected. It’s not only about sex. It’s about relationships. How they break, how they get intense, how the city, somehow, always leaves you wanting more freedom, more adventure.

I like that the characters of the film are really representative of the people who actually live here. Some of them have been here for years, they work, they make their own business. Some others are students who are attracted by the free spirited city and endless parties.

Of course Barcelona is a city like many others. It’s not all fun, sex and beach. However, it does have that appeal that even the economical crises won’t wash away.

Katherina Revenga

I haven’t found much more information about the director. Katherina Revenga is a video designer, singer, composer… “a complimentary artist with a seductive, raw perspective of life”. She’s also one of the actors of the film, the pretty long-haired brunette who has the lesbian popsicle fantasy, and the hot sex with the Spaniard.

You can watch more videos by her on her vimeo profile.

mad(e) in bcn erotic short film barcelona

mad(e) in bcn erotic short film barcelona

mad(e) in bcn erotic short film barcelona