L’Amour Et La Violence by ToyTool Comitee

One of the perks of attending porn festivals is that you meet a lot of cool people who do their own thing in their own way. The other day, I talked to you about Maria Bala’s Support Your Local Pornographers video and today I’d love to show you one of her previous films, done with ToyTool Comitee, L’Amour Et La Violence (Love And Violence in French).

L’Amour Et La Violence

I was about to meet Maria when I wrote about her and now that I’ve met her, I think she’s even more amazing! She’s curious about all the other new talents, she’s eager to learn and come up with lots of cool new, fresh ideas, and she’s not afraid of saying what she thinks.

In this explicit short film, Maria and Calzetta get on with it with a boxing match in the background featuring Mohammed Ali. The piece is dark and super hot. The contrast between the love between the two women and the violence of the game is breathtaking.


L’amour et la Violence from toytool comiteé on Vimeo.

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  1. rafael

    November 1, 2014 5:17 am

    Muy bonito! Qué golpes!

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