Juicy Pink Box’s Hotel, Suite 111

Hey peeps, today is Sunday and as the welovegoodsex ritual dictates, it’s time for some good porn. Today, we’ll focus on Hotel, a series of four episodes featuring hot sex! Let’s dive into it.

Hotel – Juicy Pink Box – Gorgeous smut

Juicy Pink Box is the home for “lesbian cinema with cinematic luster”. The atmosphere is warm, cosy, and very hot. I’m not usually the most enthusiastic about lesbian porn, because, you know, I love cock, but this is some gorgeous smut for all, straight, gay, etc. It entices women to explore their lesbian fantasies…

The first episode, Adultery, shows Calico Lane cheating on her husband with Nikki Hearts. “The couple share a moving, emotional scene of sweet lovemaking before Calico has to catch her flight home”. Then, in Newly Weds, Ela Darling and Annabelle Lee have hot sex in the morning following their wedding day. In Tourist, Rozen Debowe and Delores Haze get a bit rough during a lovers vacation. And finally, in Bachelorette, of which you’ll see the preview below, Ela Darling indulges in a pre-wedding romp with Papi Coxxx.

It’s pretty hot, the two of them are absolutely gorgeous and the whole is just very arousing. It’s both passionate and fun. So, not a boring second!

You can watch a preview, the whole episode, and, what the hell, the whole film! Right here on Lust Cinema.

hotel juicy pink box

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