Hooray, Four Chambers’ new film is here! Check out this mesmerizing erotic short film, Immaculate, with the beautiful Spanish actress Amarna Miller.

Immaculate by Four Chambers

I’ve been a fan of the gals at Four Chambers for a while. They’ve got a great style and it would be easy for them to just apply the same routine every time. Instead, they make something new and enchanting every time. In this new short, we have the pleasure of diving into a pristine fantasy. The model is Amarna Miller, a Spanish actress who’s quite the rising star at the moment.

amarna miller in immaculate

The warm candle light goes so well with Miller pleasuring herself. The contrast between the empowering lust and the religious context makes it an exciting watch.

Please donate what you can and watch the full, uncensored film here!

the immaculate heart // tease from Four Chambers on Vimeo.