It’s always a happy day when I publish a new film. After days of living like a hermit, editing, adjusting, rendering, exporting, uploading… My duty to the world to make good porn is fulfilled, for today at least. If You Dare is a film about my own fantasy and personal experiences as a slave to my master.

If You Dare

I’ve fallen in love with bondage and BDSM since I saw my friend Raquel being tied up in a private club in Barcelona. It was way more peaceful and pleasant than I thought and I later found out I absolutely love to be tied up and taken advantage of…

So, I wanted to shoot a film that retraced the experience of a regular girl like me. Her fuck friend is more than just a booty call at 3 a.m. on a Sunday night, he bends her to his will and pleasures her in ways she can’t imagine. There’s something about being completely submissive that, I feel, makes you more free to enjoy the sex more fully.

However, I also wanted to show that BDSM doesn’t have to be cold or antagonizing, that’s why I chose Irina Vega and Fenyx Santos for the roles, since they’re also a couple in real life and thus, share a certain intimacy and connection that is required in a good sub / dom relationship. I think they offered us an intense scene with genuine pleasure, very slow sex and a level of sweetness that is often lacking in bondage content.

Trust is key and once you let go, you can never go back…

Here’s the trailer. You can watch the full film now on CS.