Magena Yama was the fifth contestant of my spicy wing challenge, Hot Couture. You can watch her devouring the juicy, highly spicy feast and masturbate while under the influence of the heat. As per custom, we took it one step further after the shoot. Magena and I took a spoonful of a sauce that smelled like death. You can watch the full Behind the Scenes content on CS, but this is a good preview below.

Hot sauce delirium

This episode of Hot Couture was a lot of fun. Coming from the South of Italy, Magena already had experience with spices, but she wanted to go ‘over the border’, so we fed her our hottest sauces. Oh, the sweat… coming through her pores, from her lips to her belly button.

Watch Hot Couture Episode 5 here

Delirium… or drunkenness? It’s hard to tell, but you get the gist. Magena Yama is a good friend of mine. She was the main character in DAWN, the psychedelic porno I made a couple of years ago. She is also going to be in my next solo scene, covered in neon patterns. I guess things always get a little crazy when she and I meet up.

magena yama lucie blush