Today there will be no plastic tits, no steroid muscles, just two real-life people having real-life fun with each other. Andrew and Sundae Love are a real couple and they know exactly how to pleasure each other. 50 minutes. 7 orgasms. That’s how much they enjoyed it. Check it out.

Andrew and Sundae Love for Bright Desire

Ms Naughty loves to shoot real couples having genuine fun, and it’s clear that these two are having the time of their life. See, when you’re in a relationship, you get to know your partner’s body really well and you can play with it like an instrument. You know the right chords to make a beautiful melody (so proud of my metaphor).

Anywho, Sundae and Andrew are a polyamorous couple, and they love to fuck each other. Andrew knows Sundae’s G-Spot perfectly and what follows is a scene full of pleasure, kissing, laughters and wild fucking. It’s very intimate and joyful. And it’s real.

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andrew and sundae love bright desire