I love porn films, or any kind of adult media, that turn our preconceived views upside down. One thing that particularly turns me on, is exploring gender swapping, because it allows you to see things in a completely different way. This first edition of #GenderBender is about men in heels!

A man with balls

Ok, I hate this expression, but you get the gist. A man confident enough to wear black heels, whether or not he’s a hot model, is something to get excited about. Besides, heels make anyone hot, it doesn’t have to be something that women have to wear to, somehow, prove their “femininity”.

men in heels[via]

It’s erotic

You can’t deny there’s something ultra sexy about a guy posing in heels. I mean, come on, people say only women are sensual, this proves that men are as good an erotic canvas as women.

hot man in heels[via]

They obviously do it better than me

10 minutes and I would be crying, begging someone to carry me home.

men heels dancing[via]

Just for fun

Don’t need to be a model or professional dancer, getting a few inches taller can’t hurt – actually it hurts your back but nobody cares about that.

men in heels[via]

All The Way

Add a fancy corset and welcome to your hidden fantasy.

hot man in heels[via]

You can make him your pet

And let him lick his own heels? Maybe not as sexy as it sounds.

men in heels[via]

It’s cool

Better than smoking, you punks.

hot man in heels[via]

From all angles

Turns out a guy’s butt also resembles a heart. How about that?

men in heels[via]