Real women, real pleasure, real boyfriends, real orgasms… Ersties is all about authenticity! If you’re looking for some fresh, natural porn – and made in Berlin! – then check it out. Here are a few videos below so you can get an idea…

Lecker Mädchen

As Paulita explains in the video below, Ersties is an all female crew, working with women just like you and me who want to enjoy their sexuality fully by having a great experience on camera.

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The project began with a couple of art and photography students who gave their classmates the opportunity to make some money by undressing in front of their cameras.

They feature solo action, real couples – not fake real couples – so people who actually know each other intimately, but also performers from all around the world. All the women I know who have been on an Ersties shoot have really enjoyed it, and that’s what matter most.

What’s also cool is that you also get to watch interviews by the performers and get to know them somehow. It allows us to see how they’re just people like you and me. Doing their lives, having sex, studying, working, experimenting… Like this video of Vero and Karo for example or the one below.

This is really far away from the typically impersonal porn we know. Ersties is a great example of women doing what they fucking want with their fucking body. And we love it.