I have fallen in love with this short film. Dos De Dos, by Denise Castro Palaudarias, is a beautiful film about Eva, a young woman who is torn between her boyfriend and her lover…

Dos De Dos – Passionate and conflicted

This film is erotic, but it’s not just about sex. It’s about how complex our feelings can get. Eva has been in a steady relationship with Luis for five years, but they don’t have sex anymore. That’s why she is so eager to spend some quality, sexy time with Dani, her lover. She loves them both, as the beautiful song in the ending scene suggests. So, how can you choose between two men? Someone is bound to get hurt, maybe everybody.

You can really see the pleasure Eva is taking in having sex with Dani, he brings her the passion she’s been missing, but you can also see that she is deeply conflicted. It’s in Spanish, but there isn’t much dialogue and you can totally understand what’s going on even if you don’t understand the language.

The photography is beautiful and the actors, Anna Allen, Pablo Derqui and Pau Roca are hot, natural and believable.

Denise is actually from my city, Barcelona, and ESCAC is a Filmmaking school in Catalonia, where she studied cinema.

Cortometraje Dos de dos from Denise Castro Palaudarias on Vimeo.