I was speaking with Pol Marcel, the actor in my latest film, and we got to the subject of underwear and sexy lingerie. He admitted that for him, it’s a huge turn on when his partner is wearing hot, lacy lingerie. So I wondered, can wearing sexy underwear be even hotter than a bare body? Does it enhance our body or is it just the fact that some mystery remains?

So I dug up tumblr and found some pretty hot gifs and photos that prove that sometimes, less skin showing can actually drive us crazier. Maybe it’s because we anticipate the moment when we’ll take it off…

By the way, I say “even” sexier because let’s face it, we’re already pretty fabulous as it is.

It can add kink and sensuality

sexy lingerie gif

It makes us wonder…

hot naked guy gif

We feel sexier in it

hot lingerie gif

We just want to touch it

hot guy naked gif

And savour the moment

hot sex gif

And play

dalton naked gif

Until it drives us crazy

pretty nude lingerie gif


marcus melb sexy butt gif

We make it a show

fetish underwear gif

It gives us confidence

marcus underwear gif

It doesn’t have to be fancy

panties gif

Just suggestive

hot man gif

So we can dream

dream nude gif

Of the land beyond…

hot man underwear gif

For an unforgettable trip

gay kiss underwear

Down pleasure road

pretty naked gif


hot guy naked gif