Pol and Juliet Marcel, real couple and actors of A Custom-Made Fantasy

If you’ve watched my latest film, A Custom-Made Fantasy, then you already know about Pol and Juliet Marcel, the real-life couple who play the characters of Raquel and Toni. You know I like to show genuine intimacy and emotion, that’s why I think shooting authentic couples is the best way to achieve that.

I met Pol and Juliet a few weeks ago, we had a drink downtown and I think we all felt really comfortable since the beginning. I could see that we had the same idea of what we wanted for the project, and shared the same values when it comes to sex and porn.

So, after the shooting, I’ve asked them a few questions about their life, their experience on the set, and more!

– How old are you?

Juliet is 29, Pol is 38.

pol and juliet real couple porn

– What do you like to do in life? (I know, that was a wide question!)

Good question! If we had to narrow it down to a few things, we’d say we like to enjoy the little details, the simplicity of things and moments, our life as a couple and with our families. The more years go by, the more we realize that what we have left are the memories, that’s why we try to enjoy every moment and live life fully. We like to keep learning and experience new things, such as your projects, Lucie!

pol and juliet real couple porn

– How long have you been together?

About three years.

pol and juliet real couple porn

– Is it your first time doing a porn scene?

Juliet: For me, it was my first time, yes. I had fantasized about doing it many times, but the truth is, I didn’t know anybody from the industry and I never really thought about doing it for real, because I didn’t think I’d feel comfortable enough doing it with somebody I didn’t know. That’s why I was happy to do it with Pol!

Pol: In my case, it’s a little bit different. Since I started watching porn, I’ve always wanted to be on the front scene as an actor, or at the back as a director or producer. I worked in the industry with Conrad Son.

pol and juliet real couple porn

– What did you think of the experience of doing a scene together?

Wow it was a unique experience! It was very satisfying, exciting and thrilling. It was like a volcano of sensations, made real. We both want to do more erotic scenes and participate in more projects together.

pol and juliet real couple porn

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