Geeks are cool now, or so I’ve heard. Apart from the trend, it’s true that girls can be geeks too! And I don’t mean wearing thick glasses. I mean coding, developing, playing video games etc etc. As a Web Designer myself, I’m happy that the cliché of girls playing with dolls and boys being engineers is (slowly) getting the fuck out of our culture. That’s why I was pretty pleased to find this video on Violet Blue’s website today. Check out 5 years of geekography – Backstage!

5 Years Of Geekography

Exey Panteleev is a talented game developer and photographer, who took 2092 photos of sexy girls exhibiting code on their body. As you can see, programming can be pretty hot! The artist started the series five years ago and this video is the impressive results of hours of work and thousands of models, beautifully illustrating the vocabulary of these new professions. It’s made with taste and freshness! It involves not only coding, but also technological habits and movements we’ve grown used to by using phones, tablets… as well as social networks, every day.

As a Web Designer, I often have strange conversations with people, usually colleagues, involving a weird language with code words, a pinch of Spanglish and the empty eyes of my non-tech colleagues. But coding is growing more and more in our daily lives, for all of us, and if you add pretty girls to it, the mix is pretty explosive.

Check out all the pictures on Panteleev’s site!