10 things about sex I would say to 15-year-old me

When I was a teenager, apart from thinking I was going to die a virgin, I had many misconceptions about sex. However, as I grew older (I am now 26), I have learned a few things. I’ve had good and bad experience, and I know I still have much to learn, but if I could tell a few things to the 15-year-old me, it would go along those lines…

1. Sex is not like in the movies

I think, maybe, sometimes, I was disappointed because it didn’t happen like I imagined it would. In the movies, there’s no need for lube (in reality, you NEED lube, please), it’s never too cold, and the back of a car is very comfortable (no, it’s really not…). So let’s get back to reality and enjoy dirty wet sex, because it’s much more fun this way.

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2. Guys don’t always want to have sex

The first time my ex told me he wasn’t in the mood, I had a 2 second-long vision of us breaking up, moving out and, a lot of crying. Then he said he wanted to play Assassin’s Creed, and that was a second knife in my heart (or vagina). But, as it turned out, everything was fine. Men are not animals, they’re not always “down to it”, and it’s ok! Because women aren’t either.

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3. Blow jobs can be a huge turn on

I use to think of blow jobs as something slightly disgusting that guys love. First, not all men go crazy over BJs. Second, it’s not disgusting if everything is nice and clean, and it can even be really arousing!

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4. It’s not because a guy is super hot that he will give you pleasure

Some girls are obsessed with hooking up with very attractive guys only, but they can be as insecure, unexperienced and bad in the sack as any other guy. Besides, they’re not always the hottest in bed!

hot men call me maybe

5. Confidence is queen

This is not big news, but when I was 15, I was as confident as a sloth crossing the road.

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6. Saying what you want is ok

Nobody can read our mind, and nobody’s going to magically know exactly what you want. With time, you realize that expressing your desires will help you and your partner a lot, and it can become much sexier!

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7. Cardio is important

I hate sports, and I actually tend to think that having sex is my way of exercising. Still, it’s nice to push ourselves a little bit and stretch, because great sex can go all night!

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8. Girls have to work on it too

I used to think that girls could just lay there, in the “sea star” position, and that it would be great for both. Ha!

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9. Drunk sex is NOT good

Yeah, I’m not going to elaborate much on this one. While alcohol might be great to break the ice, it might also fuck everything up.

himym jason segal drunk dance

10. Nobody cares about your love handles

Seriously, don’t feel self-conscious. When you’re having sex, and you’re feeling good, don’t bring yourself down by thinking about this hair you missed on your leg or about how your thighs look. It DOES NOT MATTER. Embrace it and ride the fuck out of him/her!

Maybe, in 10 years, I will address myself another blog post with more wisdom in it, but for now, that’s all folks!

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  1. marie

    April 14, 2014 1:29 am

    THANK YOU <3

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