When Fashion Meets Erotica

Hey pervs, it’s finally Friday and to be honest, I can’t wait to indulge in my urges tonight. Friday night is MY night. Eat, smoke, and watch fine erotica of course. Here are four videos that I’ve selected from the world wide web and which elegantly share the image quality of the fashion world and at the same time tempt us with delicate erotica.

1. Lisbon Fashion Week

Starting today, if I’m not mistaken, the Lisbon Fashion Week is an event not to miss for all the Bradshaws. I really love the promotional video for the event, which is sexy and sweetly erotic. Fashion has always had a sex side, and sometimes the two might even be a bit too intertwined in my opinion, but this short film is just pure entertaining pleasure.

Moda Lisboa VIsion from Take It Easy Film on Vimeo.

2. La Fille d’O – Bonté and Indiscretion

These are two of the many gorgeous films by La Fille d’O, an awesome company that makes avant-garde lingerie.

NSFW – Bonté from la fille d’O on Vimeo.

NSFW – Indiscretion from la fille d’O on Vimeo.

3. Quarter Homme

This is a little underwear eye candy for the Quarter Homme brand. You’re welcome.

QuarterHomme, Homme Hipster Mens Underwear (www.quarterhomme.com) from Quarter Homme on Vimeo.

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