The other day I dedicated an article about tits, today, it’s more about… boobs! You know how much I love to melt over beautiful men, but I can also not get tired of boobs. Why? I have no idea. I’m straight and I like women only as friends, but Mother Nature was obviously on LSD when it all began, so here we are: The While Wall Project.

The White Wall Project by Skylar V Smith

Smith is a Film Director who decided to create a very interesting project. I don’t know exactly the point of it, since he doesn’t really explain it explicitly, but I have a feeling it has to do with the female body, and especially her tits. This video is the third part of the project (you can watch the first part and the second part), and features lots of boobies in different outfits and situations. I usually am more inclined to feature a video on my site when it’s got cock in it, but I thought this one was pretty fun and cool. I enjoyed the song “I Had That Feeling Myself” by FayRoy, the rhythm, the way it’s shot. I actually enjoyed it very much!

Small, big, round, asymmetrical or peach-shaped, boobs are awesome to look at in all situations. However, sometimes all the time I wish that the nice media people would show a little more dong and a little less boob.

What do you think?

FayRoy I That Feeling Myself (The White Wall part III) from Skylar V Smith on Vimeo.