It’s time to bring new additions to the WTF category. I have selected a few films that I’ve found during my daily browse and which use sound and image effects, repetitions, and weird-ass concepts to achieve a beautiful, erotic yet slightly creepy result.

Diego Agulló’s obsession with fingering

Diego Agulló is an artist from Madrid who likes to mix choreography, art and philosophy. The films he makes with Agata Siniarska are just completely crazy and yet somehow appealing. This short film, Fingering, is an erotically-charged but completely implicit series of gif animations. The food on their fingers, the thrusting movement, and the moaning noises in the background make it a troubling and arousing film. Don’t you think?

Agulló also directed this ‘Coming Soon’ film that features some mutual masturbation on billboards.

Fingering from Diego Agulló on Vimeo.

One Day – The Child of Lov ft Damon Albarn

This is the official video for the song One Day by Belgian artist Cole Williams a.k.a. The Child Of Lov, who died last year, and Blur’s Damon Albarn. Directed by Christine Yuan, the film looks innocent at the beginning, but keep watching until the end and you’ll see what I’m talking about. A sudden sense of guilt will go up your spine.

The Child of Lov ft. Damon Albarn – One Day from Christine Yuan on Vimeo.

Olive Juice

This film is so beautiful, weird and scary that I had to feature it here. The Cousins director, Keith Hamm and Jordan Sharon, describe it as a “seductive short film”. It is definitely seductive. A hot woman. A lot of olives. The way the words “olive juice” are repeated and the images of oil and colourful olives make it a beautifully shot, weirdly arousing metaphor that ends up being downright creepy.

“Olive Juice” a Seductive Short Film by COUSINS from Cousins on Vimeo.