It’s hard for me to describe this video. It’s not porn, it’s not even erotic, but it made me feel awesome, free, inspired and a lot of other things, so I thought it deserved its spot here on It’s a glimpse of a night in Fashion Designer Rick Owen’s Spotlight club in London.

A perfect moment, at Rick Owen’s Spotlight

Rick Owens is an American Fashion Designer who’s lived in Paris after he got married to a French gal. He opened a club in London and wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the Spotlight club in Paris, and I guess that’s what we’re seeing here in the video. It feels almost nostalgic, as we hear the details of what apparently was a crazy, magical, awesome night at the club. The atmosphere is absolutely amazing, everybody is dancing, everybody is the way they are, free to dance away their pain and frustrations, free to kiss, feel, have fun.

The most important of happiness I’ve felt have been in this kind of situations, these very brief moments when you let go of everything.

The host we can see in the video is James Jeannette. The whole feel of the night is bery bdsm-ish, and sexually free.

I’ll let you judge by yourself…

More on I-D Magazine! Film by Nabil.

RICK OWENS x i-D MAGAZINE x NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.