Women are strong. They’re human beings, they’re as clever, selfish, funny, creative, greedy… as anybody else. Like men, they can also be very fragile, at certain points in their life. I can’t really comment on how men experience their first time, but for some women, it can be… weird, devastating even. This short film by Macgregor, really depicts this great excitement and fragility at the same time.

The moment after – what’s left?

I don’t want to spoil the whole thing for you so here’s the video, and below, my comments.

The film is hot and cold, because it’s very erotic, it really made me horny at the beginning. The light is perfect, it’s mysterious, soft, and very sensual. A couple is starting to have sex, he gets her clothes off and you can truly feel the excitement in her body, as her belly tremble with blooming pleasure. The guy seems pretty hot, and he goes slowly, kissing her and taking her panties off.

So, we’re off to a good start. However, you can see the camera dropping for a second. I don’t think this was accidental. It’s a shift in the whole story and atmosphere. The guy asks her if she’s ok, and starts thrusting harder. She’s obviously tense and the complicity disappears. Until the guy gets off. We then realize it was her first time, and he clearly doesn’t give a shit. She’s obviously confused and hurt, and trying to hang on to him.

One night stands are fine, sometimes even great. You’re not interested in more than sex, and that’s alright. However, when the two people don’t have the same expectations, it can be rough, especially for a young woman who opened herself up completely, only to fill this whole (no bad pun here) with emptiness.