I’m happy to report that the feedback about my latest film, Don’t Touch Me, has been extremely good so far. The reason for this is the complicity and connection that the two actors shared together, it really is the most important thing!

Since the film belongs to the premium section of the site, you need to be a paying member to watch the full version, but I thought it’d be nice to share a few animated peaks with you on here. I feel like the film has some really good moments, during which you can grasp the fun and pleasure that Juan and Bianca were experiencing.

My personal favorite is when Juan is fingering her and giving her some nice rimming, while his dick is pressed against her thigh. I also like it when she’s on top of him, riding him like crazy. I know it’s weird for me to say that about my own film, but it’s difficult to actually get aroused by your own work because you can only see the flaws. However, I’m happy to say a few moments in this one definitely get me all hot and excited.

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Together again

Bianca is clearly happy to see him again, and so is Juan.

lucie blush don't touch me


But Bianca is mad, and he will make it up to her!

don't touch me lucie blush

Tied up

Juan has no choice but to submit to Bianca’s rules.

don't touch me

Not that he’s complaining…

bianca resa blow job

Up and Down

B. knows what she wants!

cunnilingus gif


Some nice fingering and rimming for miss redhead.

don't touch me lucie blush


The couple is starting to get their connection back.

bianca resa juan lucho

It seems like Bianca is not so angry anymore…

don't touch me porn film


don't touch me lucie blush

don't touch me juan lucho

Nipple play

Getting Juan on the verge…

don't touch me bianca resa

Jiggly jiggle

don't touch me lucie blush

On top

Obviously I won’t spoil you the end, but you might need some tissues. Just saying.

don't touch me by lucie blush