And we keep on with hot guys doing naughty things. This time, they’re not singing the national hymn, they’re having fun in a very punk and hot way! We’re talking about the Short Zippers music video for the band K-Holes.

Short Zippers – Sex, Men & Rock n’ Roll

Don’t you miss the good old times? Sid Vicious and The Ramones? This video takes us back into time and adds its own little ingredient: hot men playing naughty. You’ll find other ingredients for sexiness: tattoos, tight underwear and a spirit that will make your blood turn faster.

It’s actually nice to see “rock n’ roll” guys being so openly sexual between each other and convey this feeling of sensitive roughness. We have some spanking going on, rope and bondage, leather teasing and hot bodies that look like they need to be punished.

I love it. Don’t you?

The K-Holes involve Cameron Michel, Sara Villard, Jack Hines, Julie Hines, Vashti Windish. You can check out their facebook page to know more!