I know this film is not really explicit or nsfw, but I really loved it. I think it’s incredibly sexy and beautiful. She Said, She Said is about a lesbian couple, played by Marisa Tomei and Elodie Bouchez, doing mediation to separate their assets during their divorce. During this emotionally intense moment, they remember moments from their relationship…

She Said, She Said – Chic and sexy

First, I love how beautiful the images are. It’s very classy and chic. The two successful women have trouble deciding what goes to whom. Who will take the dog, the car… It’s nice to see gay women depicted like this. Like any other couple, they fight, they break up, they get jealous… One was flirting with girls at the dog park, the other was showing off her hot body in a sexy dance on the car. They’re full of rage and angry at each other, but they also still feel the passion and lust that brought them together. That’s what’s difficult with a break up. What do you do with the passion? Do you forget about the anger and fall back in? Or, is it too late? For someone who recently fell into the trap of going back with their ex, I can tell you that it’s hard to see clearly when all these emotions are making you lose your head.

It’s very sexy to go back into their life together and see what they experienced together. The lawyer doesn’t see what we see, but we can observe the look between the two characters and discover what a certain item represents for them, what it reminds them of. It’s a peak into their intimacy and the hot moments they shared.

The film was made to promote Co, a luxury line of accessories.

What do you think?

SHE SAID, SHE SAID from Co on Vimeo.