Nipples, vagina… The Internet is full of them and yet, they seem to be a tabooed delicacy on social media and even the “real” world. Check out this week’s sex news and a little TV treat as well.

Free the nipple

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ daughter, Scout Willis, posted a picture of a t-shirt that had a photo of breasts on it and got kicked out by Instagram. Nevermind if you can find photos of drug use or violence on there, the nipple is dangerous! Apparently, the areola is what bothers the social network. I completely understand, I was attacked by an areola once, it was horrible.

Anyways, the young woman took to the streets by walking shirtless in the open. You go girl!

[Via Nerve]

Vagina – Unknown territory

Youtuber Davey Wavey posts some pretty cool and funny videos, especially about homosexuality. But this time, he posted an ad on craigslist and invited women who had never seen their vagina to come and take a look. This is the result. Pretty cool.

Orange is the new black – Season 2

We were also blessed with the return of OITNB. I binge watched the first season and I’m already half-way through the second one, thanks for the magical powers of Netflix. So, enjoy a new wave of hotness, drama, suspense and hot lesbian sex. Oh yeah.