People tend to think that being a porn filmmaker gives you a great, cool, exciting life. While I adore my job, I spent last week end moving video files from one server to another. Exciting it was, especially when the upload stopped at 98%. Anyway, I’ve had a look at all these scenes, realizing that I’ve been doing this for a year now. I didn’t have any thrilling plans last night – shocker – so I thought I’d mash them up into one pretty short. Here’s Once More With Feeling.

Once More With Feeling

This video is not titled after the very bad Buffy musical episode, it’s just a way of showing that passion and emotion in sex should be used to spice up our porn. So far, I’ve tried to depict intimacy and chemistry, from a guy masturbating in a white room to horny actors and real-life couples. There is no exact recipe for this. You can find the perfect people on paper but once on camera, that’s another story.

That’s why it makes me happy to see these scenes again because, even if their quality may vary, they all have moments that show something real, something to connect to.

So, I hope you enjoy this!

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