I’ve had anal sex myself, but as a pornographer, last Friday was the first time I ever saw and shot two people practicing anal sex in front of me. And it was fucking good!

EDIT – the film Newbie is now fully available here.

lexie candy and alexei jackson

Let me tell you a bit more about the shoot. I brought Alexei Jackson from the UK, whom you’ve already seen in Let’s Skip The Wedding, as well as French actress Lexie Candy, to Berlin. I knew they would be a great match because they’re both natural, clever and very comfortable doing what they do. We shot at a friend’s place, a nice apartment in the heart of Berlin, and we spent the day shooting. I worked with my friend G. who also shot a project of hers – sssh, it’s still top secret – and all together, we had a wonderful time.

alexei jackson and lucie blush

Now, about the sex. It wasn’t actually any different than pussy sex. My idea behind the script was to show that women can also enjoy anal sex a lot and I also wanted to show a few crucial steps in having good anal sex. As you know, my movies depict my own personal experiences and fantasies and, to be honest, I’m not an anal expert. So I wanted to make something that might help beginners and that might have helped 18-year-old me when I had my first, painful, anal experience.

lexie candy

lexie candy

Lexie’s character is an actress who shows her tricks to an intimidated porn actor. They used lube, a butt plug, and they went quite slowly, unlike most anal scenes we can find online. It was cool for me too, because it showed me how much pleasure a woman can get from anal play – and Goddess her orgasm was intense! – since I haven’t had an orgasm from it yet.

anal porn

alexei jackson naked

We also shared a lot of anecdotes about our own anal experiences, which gave us a lot of great laughs. You will find out soon…

porn making of

alexei jackson lexie candy on set

Anyway, I can’t wait to edit the film. It will be online in a couple of weeks, on luciemakesporn.com. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures…

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