Marlo Marquise is a cabaret, striptease and suspension artist from New York. In Monster Hunter, she lets us in her own little world, mixing burlesque erotica and steampunk props. Check it out!

Marlo Marquise

The atmosphere is bizarre and strangely hypnotizing. This little peak into Marlo’s fantasy world is extremely sensual. I love the props and the whole crystal ball medium atmosphere. It’s not just about the nudity, it’s about the whole set up and how it transpires erotic dreams and fantasies.

I’m not sure it’s really steampunk inspired but that’s the feeling I got when I watched the video. Anyway, gotta love the vintage and burlesque style of the film.

marlo marquise

Marlo was mentored by some of the greatest artists in sideshow history and she was featured in magazines and videos. She’s doing her own thing and it’s pretty great. More on her website!

Marlo Marquise – Monster Hunter (NSFW) from steve prue on Vimeo.