I had the pleasure of seeing Ms Naughty at the Berlin Porn Film Festival last week and I have to say it’s always nice to meet her and her partner Luke (he’s the camera). She has just released a new scene starring Molly Dae and Rael, who finish their poker game with a session of hot sex, on BrightDesire.com. Check it out.

Molly Dae and Rael

Molly Dae kind of took my ‘lesbian virginity’ this summer on the shoot of NAKED. I can say she’s awesome to work with, she’s very laid back and she made me comfortable from the very beginning.

In this scene with Rael, the couple take their time. They play some cards, drink some wine, and then enjoy some really hot oral sex and spanking foreplay.

It’s nice to watch actors who don’t come just for the money or the sex, but also to share a nice experience. You can totally see it in the scene and it makes it easier for us to identify and truly enjoy it.

Watch the trailer below and the full scene here!