Mistakes, intense film by Tokyo Stone

Remember Tokyo Stone? I talked about them when they released their video, Head Space, about sucking on condoms on various vegetables. Hungry yet? Well, this time, I found one of their latest videos, Mistakes, and I think it’s brilliant.

Mistakes | Tokyo Stone [nsfw] from TOKYO STONE on Vimeo.


This portrait, in black and white, as usual, is beautiful in the sense that it captures an expression on an intimate level without dilution. It’s pure, honest, real. I love how the author explains the work: “My belief is that beauty doesn’t have a certain look, age, race, size or sexual preference. […] Sex is my language. Reality is my religion.”

Don’t you think it’s pretty fucking awesome?

This film is not about bdsm, sex or anything. It’s about creating a feeling, an expression, and transmit it in a way that it connects with the person watching. I love how the pain inflicted at the beginning, subtly and slowly transforms into a smile, a look that expresses joy and happiness.

Check out more on Tokyo Stone here.

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