Milk. A liquid that is oh so disgusting, in my opinion, when it’s cold and without chocolate, but which can be oh so beautifully metaphorical…

Love & Milk

In Ibiza, there’s the “La Leche” festival (the Milk festival), which is basically an orgy with music. Except when it’s drunk with a straw, milk is highly erotic by its texture, color, and of course its resemblance to semen. You can drink it, lick it, dive in it, the sexual innuendos will keep on going.

This video is adding nudity to the whole thing with an incredibly beautiful trio having fun in it. The image is amazing and the video is very artistic: the sensations, the feeling of freedom, and the sexual atmosphere makes it a great watch! It’s basically like a very dense choreography, from which, apparently, the woman is trying to emerge. What do you think? Does it make you want to have sex or have a shake? Or both?

Love is a production company based in London. They make music videos, commercials, fashion films… You can find out more about them on their site, and on Facebook!

Milk from Love Commercial Production Co. on Vimeo.