Dear pervs, I am back from my holiday! This new year will be awesome and I am looking forward to all the perviness you and I are going to dig up. For now, I stumbled upon this hilariously weird promo video for the Folsom Street Fair’s closing party at DEVIANTS Adult Arcade, in which all characters seem to be wearing full black leather body suits, at all times, even in the most common situations.


I think we all have a dark, sexy core but of course, we don’t always show it to the world, nor to ourselves. However, in this delicious and slightly creepy short film, everybody is wearing it on the outside. Playing tennis or riding the bus, they are all wearing full body suits. I was torn between being creeped out and laughing out loud, because the situation is just so weird and comical at the same time.

There is no porn in this, but I thought it had a high sexual tension which made me wish I attended the fair and party myself, so that I could find myself in a black leather crowd for real. The Folsom Street Fair is an annual BDSM and leather subculture street fair which takes place in September, in San Francisco, along with the “Leather Pride Week”.

I am very intrigued by the work of Aron Kantor who uses cinematic language and metaphors to investigate gender identity, queer sexuality and self awareness.

MASK4MASK made me smile the whole way through, although I couldn’t help thinking about how hot it must have been for the performers during the shoot. Small price to pay for the promo of what looks like an awesome, sex-positive event.

MASK4MASK from Folsom Street Events on Vimeo.