The Girl’s Guide To Depravity is a new TV show on Cinemax, that’s been airing since last year. A group of girl friends are tired of getting screwed and decide to follow a list of rules that will allow to get laid without suffering. This Sex And The City-inspired show starring Rebecca Blumhagen is pretty fun, discover what I love and hate about it:

1. Love: the hot guys

Jesse Pepe, Joe Komora, Kirk Barker, Blake Lowell, Cody Deal, Skyler Hart… and more! The girls go out and have sex with lots of different guys, and the eye candy is just flowing in every episode. Don’t believe me? Check out this awesome sex scene below.

Sally Golan Sex Scene from Episode 1 of Girls… por f100003866771464

2. Hate: the male VS female war characterization

The girls in the show are tired of getting screwed over by guys. Come on, we all know that screwing and hurting people is a gender-less behavior! Many men think of women as sneaky bitches, and I really can’t stand this segmentation of men VS women. We’re not different species, just the same brand of idiots, if you ask me.

We’ve all been hurt, and generalizing on the other sex is no solution and will only make you a bitter person. When they say “Men cheat, it’s what they do”, it makes me want to slap them. Of course, I get why it’s funny, in a show, to have a “girl” perspective, but there is no “team women” or “team men” out there.

Check out this teaser:

3. Love: the humor

The characters and situations can be pretty funny, and not at all cliché, lovey-dovey or adorkable.

4. Hate: the rules

For example, “Don’t Cry. Make Them Cry”. Come on women, do we really want to become like that one jackass who hurt us when we were 16? No, so grow some boobs and stop it with this stupid crap. Although some rules are kind of true, such as “Don’t Fall For Your Fuck Buddy”, most of them are useless since there are no rules. It’s the jungle. Get used to it.

5. Love: women shamelessly enjoying sex

Here’s a selection of very sexy scenes from the show that illustrate very well how women enjoy sex to the fullest in this show. As I said, the men are hot, the women are horny. Perfect fit.

Sally Golan The Girls Guide To Depravity 1×06 HD por jamboree787

Rebecca Blumhagen The Girls Guide To Depravity… por jamboree787

The Girl’s Guide to Depravity Sex Scene (edited) por mr7815

Brooke Pascoe – Girls Guide To Depravity 1×03 por g6pdfr

Rebecca Blumhagen The Girls Guide To Depravity… por jamboree787