Looking back at sexy scenes from the L Word

Tits on mainstream TV? Always. But an insight on the life of lesbians having real cliché-free sex? That’s more difficult to find. That’s why I really miss The L Word.

The show started in 2009 and had six seasons, with lots of characters and couples. I have prepared a little selection of sex scenes to remind you how cool the show was, and how sexy it was.

I mean it, I’m not gay, but some of the show’s scenes were absolutely amazing. This is what good sex on screen is. No matter your sexual orientation, if it’s well made, passionate, natural and hot, it will turn you on.

The show started with the character Jenny, who moves to LA with her boyfriend after graduating,  and who will meet Tina and Bette. She will discover the “lesbian world” and reconsider her own sexuality.

Of course there are a lot more sex scenes, so, if you’re in the mood, be sure to catch some encore episodes…

1. TiBette

Betty and Tina became this famous hot couple on the show, and aroused so many fans, until they became “TiBette”. They will go through many obstacles, together or not, including trying to have a baby.

And another very intense scene featuring TiBette.

2. Kathering Moennig as Shane

How not to mention Shane when writing about sex in the L Word. She’s just awesome. A bit loose. So sexy. I’m a straight girl and even I am in love with her.

Here’s a first scene of her having hot sex in a car with Paige (Kristanna Loken).

The L Word Kristanna Loken Katherine Moennig por rhey487

And another one in which she can’t resist the charms of a nice naked blond…

Alicia Leigh Willis & Katharine Moening Lesbian Sex in The L Word brought to you by PornHub

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