Women are usually depicted as the responsible ones. The ones who nag, scream, and chicken out. Or they’re a complete disaster with daddy issues. However, women can be badass and it’s not to impress guys. In this video, LESBIs, by Kemfilm, two women have a night of sex and drugs.

LESBIs : Sex, Drugs and Rock’n Roll

Booze, a few lines here and there and these two girls have an awesome private party just the two of them, kissing, fighting, drinking… It makes me want to ditch everything and go crash my guitar into some hotel bedroom’s TV set. Women don’t have to always be the good ones, the control freaks.

This film is both hipnotizing and inspiring, very well shot and slightly more soulful than the usual man-made lesbian films.

LESBIs from Evgenii Belousov on Vimeo.