Jaws dropping for Amarna Miller + Four Chambers

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I am oh so happy to be back from the kingdom of the dead – I had the flu – and especially to be awakened not by a prince charming but by an explosive red cooperation between Spanish rising porn star Amarna Miller and Four Chambers.

Amarna Miller + Mickey + Vex

Take some acid music, some well positioned red lighting and three gorgeous performers and here you go, you have Lurid Third Interval, a hypnotic threesome scene in which everybody gets their fair share of pleasure, and more.

I love the punkish style to it. Amarna, Mickey and Vex make an awesome trio. It’s intense. It’s dirty. It’s HOT.

The folks from Four Chambers always manage to create a different atmosphere. Proof that you don’t need to shoot in big fancy mansions to make good porn. A little bit of imagination and a lot of cojones and you have it.

Watch the full scene here!

lurid third interval // tease from Four Chambers on Vimeo.

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