The ass, my dear pervs. Big, small, bubbly, flat or perky, buns are our friends. I have found a few videos that remind us of just that! You can wiggle it, shake it, twerk it, sit on it, spank it, kiss it, bury yourself in it… No matter what, good old reliable butt is always there when we need it.

1. Shake it like a salt shaker

This video reminded me of Sebastien Tellier’s “Look”, which is probably why I like it. This animation is the result of the Stop Motion workshop by the United Fakes in Barcelona at the Design school I attended – small world! 

It’s a trip through all the shapes the ass can take on in our mind. Quite hypnotizing!

Shake It Like a Salt Shaker from UnitedFakes on Vimeo.

2. I pegged my boyfriend

Believe me, it is almost impossible to find a good male spanking video online. You can learn about pretty much anything but a guy being spanked on the ass apparently is quite the taboo, except on gay tube sites of course. Most videos are about spanking women, but I can tell you many of us out there love to spank our male partners and they love it too. So, I had to fetch the crème de la crème for you and got you a preview scene from Erika Lust’s I Pegged My Boyfriend scene, which is part of the XConfessions project.

Male ass play is definitely not restricted to gay men and it’s high time we make more open-minded porn and erotica.

[eafl id=”53740″ name=”I pegged my boyfriend” text=”>>Watch the scene here<<"]

xconfessions i pegged my boyfriend

3. A Canvas

Fedor Schmidt is a Russian photography student and this is his first video attempt. I’d say the guy’s got talent! Being so responsive to textures and colors, the ass is a great canvas to learn about video art, from a professional point of view, of course…

Test from Fedor Shmidt on Vimeo.