As you know May is Masturbation Month! Let’s remember that masturbating is healthy and it is nothing to be shameful of! That’s why last week end I interviewed my friends, and myself, about our masturbation habits, to prove that everybody does it and that it’s ok. As you can see they were very open-minded and I thank them very much for answering my questions, such as: How often do you masturbate? Do you use toys? What do you think about? Where do you do it?

More below the video.

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So what are people’s masturbation habits?

Of course it’s difficult to say. To have a rough idea we should do like Kensey and interview thousands people. However, I think it’s pretty safe to say that most people do it. Some people use toys, watch porn, others just use their imagination and think about people they know.

I even met a few girls who didn’t masturbate at all because they had a boyfriend. It’s interesting to see how it can be directly related to the sex that they have with their partner. I would think of masturbation as something completely different, something I do anyways no matter if I’m single or not. So I guess that some might consider masturbation as a replacement of sex when others just enjoy it as an independent habit.

I also came to the conclusion that many people like to think of real things and people they actually know, scenarios that could be real and happen to them in their daily life. It’s quite a good point I think in favor of alternative porn meaning that if people identify better with the characters who are having sex maybe they will enjoy it more, maybe instead of being a mechanical release it will also trigger their inner desires.

What are YOUR masturbation habits?