I’ve been camping at my computer desk editing my new film, titled If You Dare. I realize it’s 3a.m. here now but I almost never miss a day so here’s an animated preview of this new scene with real-life couple Irina Vega and Fenyx Santos. Next week on luciemakesporn.com.

The film is about a submissive summer afternoon during which the main character obeys her master’s every order. How to please your master you ask? Here are a few tips…

1. Be ready to pleasure yourself at any moment

You never know when your master is going to text you a new order, like fingering yourself in the bathroom while your friend is waiting in the next room.

please your master irina vega

2. Enjoy being devoured

Manipulated, handled, used. Give up your body to his expert hands.

if you dare lucie blush

3. Don’t be afraid of being disoriented

Get out of your comfort zone and let yourself go!

please your master irina vega

4. Have a moderate tolerance for pain

A bit of spanking here and then will only hurt a little compared to the pleasure it will give you.

if you dare lucie blush

5. Stretch

Flexibility can be useful in certain positions. And you can’t complain. A little discomfort can even help…

irina vega fenyx santos

6. Practice kneeling

And obey your master’s orders.

if you dare lucie blush

7. Play Truth or Dare – Expert level

Forget about your pride and you will enjoy the ride even more.

lucie blush irina vega

8. Come when you are told to

Which also means “Don’t come when you’re not supposed to”.

if you dare lucie blush